What is CryptoAwaz.com

Crypto Awaz is a project which aims to provide first time crypto users and expert crytpo service providers to connect at a mutual ground where both can provide benefit to each other. Cryptocurrency Pakistan Facebook (CCP) with it’s ever growing community is the reason of this platform. Members of CCP wanted a platform which could be as trusted and credible as the group itself. Keeping the same vision of providing unbiased flow of credible information related to cryptocurrency, CryptoAwaz.com was formulated ensuring the high standards which the members of CCP are already accustomed. Being a new project it is still evolving and your input and comments are always welcome which would result in improvement of the platform.

CryptoAwaz.com in association of Cryptocurrency Pakistan Facebook Group is the 1st market place of crypto digital services where users can review and comment about what they have been promised and what they are getting thus ensuring healthy competition resulting in better quality of services for the customers and a scam free environment.

Do you Provide any Crypto related service ? Get in touch with the team to discuss how you can be listed on the marketplace

Cryptocurrency Pakistan Facebook Group is a group for crypto enthusiasts where people join and share their journey in the world of crypto. CryptoAwaz is a project started by the team involved in CCP.

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