If you are here it means you are interested in getting exposure for your awesome crypto project which can be a service, NFT project, Exchange or a token to name a few. You have stumbled in the right place.

Crypto Awaz is affiliated with Cryptocurrency Pakistan which is the biggest community of Pakistan, while the former is the first marketplace in the country. Crypto Awaz Discord Server is also the biggest crypto community and is among the most active ones you may have seen.
We have an active community on FB and Discord which is ever increasing at an insane speed. Safety of our community is very dear to us therefore no matter what price is offered if the project doesn’t pass our review we will NOT promote it and all sponsored content is labelled as such with no 100x 200x claims which may mislead the community.

Marketing Posts can be made on different platforms with different rates, if you have a limited budget you may share that with us so we can see how it can be adjusted in one of our platforms so that is mutually beneficial.

Marketing Spots


  1. 1 x Post on Facebook Group which will be made from Admin account – 0.4 BNB
  2. 1 x Post on Facebook Group which will be pinned for 1 x day – 0.6 BNB
  3. 1 x Post on Facebook Group which will be pinned for 3 x days – 0.8 BNB


  1. 1 x Post in a dedicated Coin channel on Discord Server with “everyone” tag – 0.4 BNB (Discord + post will stay for 5 x days )
  2. AMA Details : $50 For AMA on Discord, While Additional Packages :
    • = $25 for Marketing on all our platforms for upcoming AMA [This includes 1 everyone post in discord along with posts on twitter and Facebook group/page]
    • = $25 for streaming Live on YouTube / Facebook


  1. YouTube Review Video – 0.5 BNB – 1.5 BNB [Depends upon request of content review or length of video]

Twitter / X

Twitter Giveaway – Twitter Giveaways are a great way to gain popularity for your upcoming project and get some followers. Following options are available for Giveaways on Twitter :

  1. You will pay half of the amount which you want to do giveaway for. If you want to do a giveaway for $100, $50 will be the management fee. [Minimum giveaway amount is $25]
  2. NFT WL offers, if you are an upcoming NFT project and want to gain traction, you may offer a WL giveaway through Crypto Awaz.

Twitter AMA – Want to introduce your project to people with an AMA ? we will host the AMA from @CryptoAwaz handle for a minimum management fee of $50. Such events can be coupled with above mentioned marketing slots for greater traction, although that is optional.

Please share your project details by messaging on our Facebook page or emailing st@ff @ cryptoawaz . com (the first ‘@’ may be replaced with ‘a’ – it’s done to avoid spam). You can check out all our socials. Prices are in Crypto so that they vary with the market, because if market is pumping you will be willing to spend more on marketing as the associated coin will be in a bull run and when the market is bearish the coin price will be lowered, thus making it dynamic with regards to the market sentiment.

Reach out to us for any marketing / partnership / sponsorship queries.

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