Crypto Awaz Vendor Instructions

Thank you for showing your interest in being listed as a Service Provider on CryptoAwaz. is currently the only regional review based platform which enables organic review resulting in a positive growth for customers and vendors. This platform will offer you a chance to showcase your services and get great sales in return. Partnering with Crypto Awaz will ensure a very prominent growth for your product and a pleasant experience for your customers.

Why List Here / What you Get

You may already be making sales using different methods but listing here will give you returning customers as this platform is associated with one of the biggest regional cryptocurrency communities. Review system will enable that only true and organic reviews are made on your services thus enabling everyone to read what you have to offer. Once your online store has made sales and has accumulated reviews it will become very easy for you to answer anyone who asks you “Why Should I subscribe to your service”, you will simply send them to your online store on this website, where they can see reviews left by other customers. There are many more advantages:-

  1. All payments will be done through cryptocurrency using the integrated crypto payment gateway and you will need not to worry about the payments or it’s record
  2. You will have access to a dedicated dashboard which will allow you to see how many sales you have done and which services of yours are doing better and which are not
  3. For monthly / time based subscription you will be able to know which customers need to pay again to avail ongoing service (API based auto subscription also offered on Paypal and UtopiaPay payment)
  4. Everyone will be able to see your store and the number of purchases people have done on your store or product
  5. Potential customers will be able to ask you directly by using the dedicated store contact form or through Crypto Awaz Communities
  6. As the store gets mature, you will be able to use the forum to make your new product launch heard
  7. In the long run this platform will be a mode of advertisement as all potential customers will come to the store for any crypto related deal
  8. Crypto Awaz being associated with CryptoCurrency Pakistan (CCP) will give you greater exposure as anyone looking for a paid service will be referred here
  9. List of Crypto Awaz social communities where you will get exposure
  10. Depending on your product it will be socially shared after you have made 1-3 organic stores from the store, it is to ensure that you are serious about making use of the Crypto Awaz marketplace and not to just obtain exposure

What you Give

  1. All products listed prior to public launch were free. However, any product listing after the launch will be charged a one time listing fee equivalent to the lowest price of your product which is being sold.
  2. 10% per sale commission will be charged by the store which may be reviewed from point to point while it will stay the same for existing vendors.
  3. Payments will be sent to your crypto address after 7 x days, however when many stores get listed the duration will change to 15 x days / 1 x month keeping in view the number of listed stores. In either case all payment records will be visible in your vendor dashboard, While payments will be sent ONLY in cryptocurrency.
  4. To minimize scams or fake claims, a system has been devised which requires store owners to provide some information. To list on the marketplace as a Vendor / Service Provider you are required to provide the following information
    • Full Name
    • Cell Number (Registered in your own Name)
    • All Social Media accounts
    • Above mentioned information is only being asked to ensure only those list here who are serious to maintain their online presence and provide quality services
    • This information will not be shared with customers

Some instructions which are to be followed by vendors / store owners and violation may result in product delisting or complete ban
– Service as advertised is to be provided to the customer
– Any changes in service feature is to be conveyed to Crypto Awaz staff so that it is updated
– Any changes in pricing is to be informed for updating record at Crypto Awaz
Your service /platform is only to be used for the intended purpose as advertised in the store

Get Listed on Crypto Awaz Marketplace

You can list on Crypto Awaz and offer your services in crypto to a global audience by:

  • Register on Crypto Awaz Create your account on Crypto Awaz Website
  • Apply as Vendor Apply as a vendor while ensuring that you fill all the required information, as this is a manual process where Team will verify all provided data before making the decision which can result on Approval or Rejection of Vendor Submission
  • List Product – Once you have been approved as a vendor, you can go to your own dashboard to create your product and list it on Crypto Awaz marketplace
  • Manage Sales – Dedicated Vendor dashboard provides you all details related to your customers , sales and comissions etc.

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