is a platform to unite all crypto lovers who want to learn and earn from crypto related products by connecting with various crypto service providers. Being the first of it's kind thus enabling a win-win situation for all involved. bridges the gap and provides a neutral ground for the service providers and seekers to engage and rate each other without having to worry about the basic issues which will be handled by
Various vendors have return policies, if someone is offering a return policy and you are not satisfied with the service you can always reclaim your refund by cancelling your buy in. you may contact the staff of in such an event.
To encourage the use of crypto in this  domain, all payments here will be done in cryptocurrency. Various cryptocurrencies are accepted on the portal. If you are having issues with any payment, do not hesitate to contact us. If due to some genuine reasons you can NOT make a crypto payment you may contact us to discuss alternatives. is inspired and thus affiliated with the biggest cryptocurrency group of Pakistan, to respect the repute it has earned, we aim to deliver the same level of trust to our users.
As a Customer / User, you should be rest assured that all vendors who have listed their products have submitted various information to establish their true identity. Thus in case of a scam, we will share that information with you so you may be able to directly contact and get in touch with the vendor. We also hold onto the payments you make to the vendor so in case of a scam, your payment can be returned. Please be mindful that the payments are held for small amount of time and is not liable for any actions done by vendors however all efforts have been made to minimize the risk by taking steps as listed above. As other users will provide reviews it will be easier for you to decide whom you should opt for.Everything will be done "Publicly" and in the open unlike our current crypto front where everything is done in "Inbox / DM / WhatsApp"
If you get a refund from any purchase you will be returned your amount with a 10% deduction. This deduction has been kept while keeping in view the cryptocurrency volatility and network fee. Your payment in equal amount of cryptocurrency will be sent while disregarding in which cryptocurrency you made the payment.
Anyone who is serious and good at what they do should list their crypto services on As a vendor / seller you will be able to access your digital store where you will be able to keep track of your sales, profits and customer feedback. This way you will be able to communicate with your customers and they will be able to rate you. Once you have gathered high ratings you will earn the repute which is currently lacking as customers do not have a legit platform which provides natural reviews thus resulting in organic reviews.Your Payments will be held in escrow and depending upon store credibility will be released after a duration of 1-4 weeks. does NOT charge anything from the Customers / Users who visit our website to buy products from the Store. While currently a 10% per sale fee is charged from the vendors