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Crypto Awaz is associated with Cryptocurrency Pakistan which is one of the biggest group in Pakistan.
CA is the 1st crypto marketplace where customers can buy and later review crypto related services,
To improve the overall crypto scene and eradicate scammers who come with their low quality trading signal services or any other crypto related product. In short Crypto Awaz provides a secure platform to buy / sell crypto products like trading signals etc👍

All products on crypto awaz are sold by making use of cryptocurrency payments which are instant and hassle free. Check out this guide on how to buy services using crypto

Crypto Awaz will allow you to be even more successful and your awesome product will reach out to more users, because CA is associated with CCP which is the biggest crypto group in Pakistan. You can list your product on CA and get a dedicated dashboard where you can monitor your sales and list products. Check out detailed product listing Procedure and benefits :

We have a very helpful and handy mobile application for Android Users, where they can search for crypto related queries or see sentiment based news alongwith token prices, favourite coin, fear and greed etc

Play Store :

Install the app and make sure to give us your feedback so we may improve 🙂

Crypto Awaz aims to facilitate users and vendors. Crypto Awaz holds the crypto transaction for limited time to ensure no scam can occur in terms of delivering the outlined service. The refund period is mentioned on every vendor product listing.

Yes, We offer paid promotional /sponsored services on Pakistan’s biggest crypto community and Discord Server. However, we verify the product and only promote it if the project is legit and may be useful for the audience. You can share your product details through Official email.

Check out marketing slots and prices which we offer :

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Before you start investing, I would request you to watch this intro video on YouTube so that you are clear about the in’s and out’s of Crypto and stay safe from the various scams of the industry
Intro to Cryptocurrency Video :
You can always ask your queries in Cryptocurrency Pakistan Facebook group or in our Discord Server.

Also install Crypto Awaz Android App which gives you all the information you need related to crypto and helps you in keeping safe : 

Crypto Awaz has a very active discord server where crypto discussion and dedicated signal channel is provided so that you don’t miss any notification of a trading setup. We are the biggest crypto discord community of Pakistan aswell and do frequent Crypto Giveaways / Airdrops alongwith NFT WL sharing

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Crypto Awaz has a dedicated FAQ site, at which can answer all your crypto related queries and also questions pertaining to Crypto Awaz platforms, check it out here.

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