Appeal to Facebook for Group Restoration

in News on May 15, 2024

If you are reading this, it implies you might be aware about Cryptocurrency Pakistan Facebook group. Which was not only the biggest Pakistani community but one of the most vibrant and reputed communities where people were free to share their opinion in a respectful manner.

However, 5 days ago out of nowhere our Facebook group was suspended by Facebook, while citing “Spam” as the reason. Our Group had a good standing with no Admin violations, which usually result in such suspensions.

I heavily relied on Facebook Admin Assist to ensure no Spam content made through the approval stage, while mistakes are always bound to happen as communities grow but there has been no warning or notification telling us that a certain Facebook community standard is being violated, why would we not address that ? . However our effort and dedication to ensure a safe and secure community was unmatched. There were a bulk of communities which got disabled that day, while waiting for restoration on by itself might happen, but with no timeline available the wait game is causing undue stress. Therefore I would like to request you to help

Email Facebook as a Community Member

Please send an email to as a community member asking them to restore the community. I will be sharing a template which you can use, or you can also use your own words, whatever suits you.

Subject: Appeal for Reinstatement of “Cryptocurrency Pakistan” Group
Body / Text:

Dear Facebook Support,

I am writing to appeal the suspension of the Facebook group "Cryptocurrency Pakistan." This group was a valuable resource for me personally and the Pakistani community, serving as a platform for education and awareness about cryptocurrency.

The group provided a safe space for new users to learn about cryptocurrency and navigate the complex crypto landscape. It actively promoted the responsible adoption of cryptocurrency within Pakistan, fostering a positive and informed community. The group played a crucial role in raising awareness about cryptocurrency usage at a broader scale within the country. And it provided a vibrant place for like minded people to get together and make the most of it, while keeping our self updated about the latest trends. It was a valuable resource in sharing latest trends on how scammers act in the landscape enabling us to stay safe. Just like me, I am sure many of the other community members also believe the suspension may be due to a misunderstanding. The community have always strived to maintain a positive and informative environment within the group, adhering to Facebook's Community Standards.

I kindly humbly request a review of the suspension and a reinstatement of the "Cryptocurrency Pakistan" group. I am confident that the group aligns with Facebook's mission of fostering positive connections and sharing knowledge. Additionally, The group admins are more than willing to work with Facebook to ensure the group continues to operate within your community standards. If there are any particular actions required to be taken or information to be shared, the Admins will go over and beyond to ensure that the guidelines are adhered too.

I urge you to understand the importance of "Cryptocurrency Pakistan" to its members and the broader crypto community in Pakistan. Restoring the group will not only benefit us as individuals but also contribute positively to the promotion of education on the Facebook platform.

Thank you for your time and hoping for positive response.


A Member of "Cryptocurrency Pakistan" Group
Group Link :

You can mention your name below “Sincerely”

I would like to thank you for your contribution and help in the need of hour and it will NOT go unnoticed !!!

If you can share this link and ask your friends to help too , would really make a difference. Share that you have done it here

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