What is Cryptocurrency ?

in Guides on March 30, 2021

New to cryptocurrency and wondering what the hell is this cryptocurrency ,bitcoin, ethereum and the terminologies like “shitcoin” ?

A very lengthy (unfortunately) and boring video if you ask me for all those who have no Idea what cryptocurrency is.

This video is ONLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT Cryptocurrency.

What this Video will Explain

This video is for those who have no idea what cryptocurrency is and it answers the following questions (but not limited to) :-

00:00​​ Intro
00:46​​ What is Cryptocurrency
06:47​​ What is Bitcoin
07:11​​ History of Bitcoin
09:27​​ Banks vs Bitcoin
14:17​​ History of Bitcoin
15:48​​ Is Cryptocurrency Free Money
16:28​​ Types of Crypto Scams
18:49​​ Red Flags in Crypto Industry
20:02​​ How to Research for a Coin
21:08​​ Where to Store Cryptocurrency (Crypto Wallets)
22:27​​ How to keep your crypto assets safe
25:49​​ How do we Earn Cryptocurrency
29:23​​ How to find details about a coin
29:49​​ Coin Listing Websites
30:44​​ How do we Buy / Sell Cryptocurrency Using P2P
32:28​​ Outro

If you are not currently member of a 41,000 and growing community of Cryptocurrency Pakistan , please check out the Group Guides / Announcements which will guide you further in detail : Cryptocurrency Pakistan

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