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Explore the ever growing cryptocurrency digital services / products offered by various experts. Check out the best selling products on the marketplace

Discord Nitro with Boost Gift

183 sales

5.00 5

WWG4U Crypto Calls

73 sales

4.20 5

Onion Crypto Signals (Mobile App)

425 sales

5.00 5

Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet

24 sales

5.00 5

With new technology and trends scams also enter the market and naive people in hopes of getting rich at times fail to do due diligence. Where everyone is selling a product and running a small community around their product, shilling and promoting on the good side and banning / blocking people who complain … 

Something had to be done !!!

Crypto Awaz and Cryptocurrency Pakistan are the biggest Crypto communities of Pakistan. CA / CCP aims to facilitate the crypto front by educating people who may be new to the concept.

Cryptocurrency Pakistan started back in 2017 by Niazai Khan as a simple Facebook group for sharing information and news on the technology. But over time the community grew, Growing at an exponential scale making it the biggest regional Communities on Facebook and Discord. Earning the respect and trust of it’s members. Keeping it unbiased and open to all and everyone who wants to talk crypto. We are still growing and our strength is dependant on the resolve of our members to ensure that the crypto scene in Pakistan is legit and moves in the right direction. Explore the market place or check out our socials and also don’t forget to install our Android App. Your support and guidance is always appreciated. Do help us out to make this initiative to reach the levels we have planned, making it a win win situation for everyone involved. 

If you have your favourite crypto product provider not listed on Crypto Awaz Marketplace, reach out to them and tell them to list here because any legit platform would not hesitate to list here … You can always reach out to use on all major social platforms, just Google Crypto Awaz.

Why Crypto Awaz

Crypto Awaz is the only and 1st Crypto Marketplace in Pakistan which aims to provide the best educational and learning experience for the general community

Peer Review

Crypto Awaz provides a unique peer review platform. Enabling Service providers and seekers to get the most benefit thus resulting in maximum learning in the world of cryptocurrency

Competitive Race

Being the only review based platform ensures rates are competitive among service providers. Reviews also ensure that users after subscribing to a service get what they have been promised

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The latest crypto related products and services

$2.70 – $3.00
May 5, 2023
$20.00 – $100.00
April 30, 2023
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$15.00 – $110.00
March 25, 2023
$99.00 – $2,000.00
February 26, 2023
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  • Billed once per month, 1 time

  • Billed once per month, 1 time

  • Billed once per month until cancelled

$3.60 – $35.00
January 3, 2023

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