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Abdul Crypto Signals

Do you want to know the coins which can be pumped, can give you 2-3x in midterm or best for short term trading?

I’ve joined some expensive signal groups and I’ll share their signals with you. These are foreigner’s groups with huge communities so the coins they share have very good future and can easily give you 20-30% short term and 20-30x long term.

I’m charging $20/m for the signals to pay for the groups I’m member of, so its like buying the expensive group memberships on sharing basis, if you like the concept please order and get in touch.

*7 Days Refund Policy

Membership valid for 30 Days only, You’ll have to pay again every month.


Thank You

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  1. Hi Aqleem, The success ratio of these signals is between 70-80% and signals frequency is around 1-2 a day. I’ve already answered these in the item FAQ, please refer to them.

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It totally depends on the signals I get from the groups. Sometimes 2 a day, sometimes more. 
Yes, as I mentioned in description : 7 days refund policy.
Mostly Binance but some coins I get are not on binance and are fairly new, so they'll be traded on the exchanges they are available on , you can search them on CoinMarketCap. However that information will be provided
So far the signals are very good, I'd say 70-80%
Please DO NOT go all in in any coin, always invest a small portion of your portfolio in a coin 2-3% max.
Mostly English, sometimes Urdu. But the signals are very easy to understand and you don't need a strong grip on the language to get it.


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Last Update: April 13, 2021
Released: March 24, 2021
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