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We help 100s of traders like you to learn the art of trading and investing in the crypto markets. 

Our members benefit greatly from our ‘to the point analysis’ and extremely profitable trading calls for Spot and Futures. We mainly focus on higher time frame analysis which gives our ideas more clarity and precision with higher probability. Apart from analysis and calls, you’ll find top tier education by our head analyst who has 4 years of experience in trading crypto. Be a part of a community truly miles above from the rest.

Be Different, Be DVRGNT.

Premium members get: 

  • Spot & future trades for Crypto with at least 5% moves. 
  • Low cap gem trades on KuCoin and MexC for juicy Xs.
  • Shitcoins calls on DEXs for a few Xs to moonshots.
  • Educational sessions on all things crypto trading and Investing.
  • 1:1 consultation from us about any of your trades.
  • + Everything else to come.

We primarily focus on long-term, spot, and swing trading strategies. This approach allows ample time to assess whether a trade is moving in our intended direction. It’s particularly beneficial for individuals with busy schedules who may not be able to engage in intraday trading. However there are enough opportunities for day trading/scalping as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How many Trading Signals will be provided?
We aim to provide between 5 to 10 signals per week, depending on market conditions. If the market presents more opportunities, we are prepared to offer additional signals accordingly.

2.Do you have a refund policy and if yes in how many days we can claim it
No, we do not offer a refund policy. We provide numerous free signals, which we believe are sufficient for assessing our capabilities.

3.Which platform you will use for providing signals

4.Which exchange we should use for provided trading signals
Binance/Bybit mainly but signals can be traded on most exchanges as our tokens are almost on every major exchange.

5.Trading Accuracy
Our trading signals typically have an accuracy rate of around 70 to 80%.

6.Do you share TA / graph with your signal?
Yes, we do share technical analysis (TA) graphs and provide logical reasons for our trades.

7.Language of Communication
We communicate with our members in English and Urdu.

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