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We are crypto traders, started crypto trading in 2019. We started our journey with WAQAR ZAKA group, learned many things there, keeping that aside that I have many issues by their policies after that I feel proud that his group made a path for me for crypto journey.

Through numerous liquidations and burning through over 7000 US dollars in trading, we’ve amassed invaluable knowledge. Grateful to Allah, we now operate a small WhatsApp group, Together We Earn, delivering trade setups and signals.

Our accuracy, by the grace of Allah, stands at an impressive 99.5%. If a Stop loss occurs, our primary focus is promptly crafting a compensatory setup. We primarily share Swing Signals, a process taking 1 to 5-7 days but deemed worthwhile.

Distinguishing ourselves, we offer direct communication. You can call us directly for crypto discussions, and our WhatsApp group is open for crypto-related chats. We usually share Swing Signals which took time (1day to 5-7 days) but that worth’s. We want to remain sincere with our community by telling them truth as it is, we are expensive now like 50$ per month as we have only 14 members (why only 14 members if am claiming am one of the best, because I don’t know how to cheat-sell 🙂 Am trying to be real with people who contacted me for joining my group, I don’t commit that just join us pay fees and we will make your wallet double or triple, Thanks to Niazai sb admin of crypto awaz who guided me to offer my service from a platform trusted by thousands).

RAMZAN Discount

Till 5th of Ramzan, a special 70% discount will be valid to avail this offer.

Student Group Discount

300$ for 10 members (Max age limit 22 for all members). To avail the Offer select “Student Discount” and after following the joining instructions, inform details about other members to be added.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Full Payment should be made at once.
  2. Name and contact no. of all members should be shared by one who made payment.
  3. Student Group Discount can be utilized for 6 months.

What Our Community Gets

Answering some of your basic queries in advance:

  • How many signals in a day or week?

   – It depends on market conditions; I share signals when there is a valid pattern or favorable condition. Sometimes 5-7 in a day, sometimes none for 2-3 days. I provide swing signals that can hit TP in 1 day to 5-7 days.

  • Which platform do you use for sharing Trade setups/communication?

   – We are available on WhatsApp for paid members, while Telegram is for free members where we share some of our trades.

  • In Trade setups/signals, what do you mention?

   – I clearly mention entries, TPs, leverage, and where you should manage your liquidity. I will not take responsibility if anyone doesn’t follow the signal as shared.

  • Do you have any minimum wallet size cap?

   – Yes, at least you should have 500$, totally free for trading.

  • Most Interesting and commonly asked question, if you are much capable then why you are taking fees?

   – There is nothing free in life, we learned by paying fees, by making loss of thousands of dollars, now we are offering our experty in few bucks, it’s not about earning from fees but it’s about respecting our experience and time.

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Product Information

  • Categories
  • Sales

    1 sale

  • Platform Used
  • Signals per day
    1-5 (depending on market)
  • Refund Allowed
    Yes( within 2 Days)
  • CEXs Used
    Binance, ByBit, KuCoin
  • Charts Shared
  • Discussions Allowed
  • Language
    Roman Urdu / English

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