How to Buy Safemoon TOken

How to Buy Safemoon Token ?

in Guides on April 4, 2021

This simple video guide will explain how to buy Safemoon Token by using BNB and Trust Wallet.

The procedure is very simple and quick.

Video Guide – How to Buy Safemoon

The above video shows how you can buy Safemoon through Trust Wallet. You will need Smart chain BNB to buy Safemoon.

Enable DApps Browser in Trust Wallet

If DApps tab is not visible in your trust wallet, you can enable it, just follow this for Android :

Trust Wallet > Settings > Preferences > DApp Broswer > “Enable”

If you are using iPhone, you will have open Safari Browser and type this in URL “trust://browser_enable” and hit GO. A popup will appear asking you to Open this Page in Trust, tap on Open. Now DApp browser will be enabled in your Trust Wallet.

Is Safemoon a Scam ?

If safemoon is a scam or a legit project can only be answered after you go through their website,whitepaper,team and what the coin really solves. Although in this point of time the coins don’t solve much and are priced on the “hype” and safemoon has successfully gained that hype. Lou Bagel has done Hackology style breakdown of the project in his article, I would request all to read it , however I will be sharing the conclusion here

he devs/founders may have good intentions in attempting to make a coin that benefits people that hold the coin. Basically, making the investors money as any company would do. But do you make a company just to make investors money? The company has to do something. As far as I can see the coin has no utility.

I’d say stay away if you are looking long term. There are plenty of other cryptos worth investing your money in. Unless you want to gamble on the hype continuing – can you say Doge – or the developers making an huge update that provides utility. But you could say this about any coin.

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